Jowhar(Mogadishu24)-Hirshabelle State President,Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Guudlawe) on Tuesday named Mohamud Mohamed Nur as the new Governor of Middle Shabelle region, replacing Ahmed Meyre Makaran who was serving for almost a decade there.

This is the first change of position that middle Shabelle region experiences since the foundation of the youngest regional State, Hirshabelle which comprised of Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle regions in the south and central Somalia in 2016.

But the incumbent and former Presidents used to change Governor of Hiiraan and district commissioners of that region due to economic resources management and other political disputes which still remain unsolved.

The two regions, Hiiraan and Middle Shabelle were the bottom of the latest uprising by the local forces, Macawisley backed the Somali National Army fighting against Al-Shabaab that liberated major areas under the group’s control before. But the State is still divided and did not make progress at all.

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