Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-Jigjiga, the administrative capital of Ethiopia’s Somali Region, has hosted the second Somali Youth Summit (SYS), which will last for three days.

The summit aims to discuss issues related to work and skills and was held at the conference forum in Qaryan Dhoodan.

The opening of the summit on Saturday was attended by the President of the Somali Regional Government, Mr. Mustafe Muhammed Omar, officials, and other top government officials.

This conference brought together hundreds of young people, including some from around the world—writers, scholars, and innovators—who will discuss how the youth could participate in the development of different sectors of society and how to foster a young generation’s mind-set and knowledge.

The Somali regional government has given special attention, particularly on the inclusion of youth in various government sectors and empowering them to take advantage of various opportunities in terms of skills and job creation in the region.

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