Kismayo(Mogadishu24)-Jubaland State Parliament on Tuesday made changes into key articles into the regional constitution, in order to enable to the incumbent president Ahmed Mohamed Islam to be re-elected in August this year.

Mohamed Abdinasir, Chairperson of the constitutional review Committee of the region said that they made amendments into six articles, mainly article 70th which was allowing the president to stand for presidency twice only. They removed this one totally.

Instead, the Parliament members moved to article 65 that enabled the president to serve five years’ term and that he can compete for the presidency without restriction or condition.

Today’s move by the regional representatives in Jubaland State came less than two months before President Ahmed Mohamed Islam planned to hold presidential election in which he planned to re-elected.

Southwest State and Jubaland State Presidents are expected to hold such elections and return back to their offices, despite oppositions and calls for fair and transparent election in their respective states.

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