Kismayo(Mogadishu24)-Jubbaland State President Ahmed Mohamed Islam yesterday addressed the critical issues surrounding the Gedo region that has been facing security and political challenges from the birth of the State up-to-date.

During his speech at the Eidhul-Adha congregation, Ahmed Madobe reaffirmed Gedo’s integral position within Jubbaland and expressed his determination to address the region’s pressing concerns. He emphasized the importance of cooperation and support from the people of Gedo in overcoming these challenges.

“Gedo is a vital part of Jubbaland, and I am committed to addressing the issues we face together. Let us set aside borders and past grievances and focus on the development of the area. We must come together, reconcile our differences, and find solutions for everyone,” President Ahmed Madobe stated.

He highlighted the need for collaboration between the Jubbaland government and the people of Gedo, taking into account the diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives of both community leaders and the administration.

President Ahmed Madobe’s address comes at a critical juncture as a newly appointed Governor representing his administration, arrived in the Gedo region this week. This development marks a positive step forward in addressing the region’s challenges and demonstrates the President’s unwavering commitment to progress.

The Gedo region has long been a source of tension within the Jubaland Administration, with some advocating for secession and the establishment of an independent administration. These aspirations have created complexities and strained relationships within the region. It has been reported that President Ahmed Madobe never visited the Gedo region since his election on May 15, 2013, now he intends to visit it.

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