Wajir(Mogadishu24)-The Government of Kenya has made a resolute commitment to confront the Al-Shabaab terrorist group with unwavering determination.

The Kenya’s Minister of Defense, Adan Barre Duale, reaffirmed the government’s stance during his visit to terror-affected border areas in the Northeastern Region, accompanied by other regional leaders.

“I am sending a straightforward message to the leadership and ranks of Al-Shabaab, the terrorist group that we will haunt you down using all our security apparatus under our disposition. We will protect the integrity, the territorial integrity and sovereignty of our people. And as part of the Horn of Africa of IGAD, we will haunt you down in Kenya and in Somalia, and we will destroy your infrastructure,” Kenya’s Defense Minister Adan Duale sent a stern warning.

Minister Duale emphasized that the Kenyan Military would utilize advanced technologies to monitor phone communications and identify any contacts with Al-Shabaab.

“Exercise caution regarding your phones and the individuals you engage with through calls. Our military has acquired equipment to monitor all phone conversations, allowing us to detect any terror-related discussions. Should you call or receive calls from Al-Shabaab, or send or receive text messages from them, be aware that you will be apprehended as soon as you disconnect. Please do not hold me or the chiefs accountable for the consequences,” he cautioned.

Furthermore, Duale added, “It is our primary responsibility to protect our land, region, and defend our beloved country, Kenya.”

Member of Parliament for Wajir South, Mohamed Adow, cautioned the local community against associating with Al-Shabaab and urged them to collaborate with the government in combating terrorism.

“Let me emphasize one critical point: under no circumstances should you entertain Al-Shabaab’s presence. Instead, work hand in hand with the government and security forces. If you possess any intelligence information, share it promptly. However, if you desire to regress to the colonial era we left behind 60 years ago, then welcome those religious extremists who exploit religion as a shield and politicize it,” MP Adow conveyed.

The recent visit by Northeastern leaders to Kenya’s border towns of Diif, Geriley, Konton, and Kutulo coincided with a surge of attacks by the Al-Shabaab militant group in Northeastern Kenya.

On Friday, the militants carried out coordinated assaults in Mandera, leading to the devastating loss of two police officers and a teacher. Additionally, they targeted Safaricom masts and managed to escape with a police Land Cruiser.

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