The governments of Kenya and China have signed multiple agreements spanning various sectors, including Communication, Technology, Medicine, Electricity, and Road Construction.

These agreements were formalized during the visit of Kenyan President William Ruto to China, where he presided over the Kenya-China Business Forum in Beijing yesterday.

The president of Kenya, William Samoi Ruto emphasized that these agreements demonstrate the high level of trust that the Chinese government places in Kenya and reflect the joint efforts of both nations to strengthen their business cooperation for the mutual benefit of their peoples.

“Kenya welcomes China’s support for the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda and appreciates the interest shown by Chinese companies in key projects in ICT, energy, housing, road and air transport,” said William Ruto, Kenya’s President.

“Our solid track-record of a friendly business environment, broad trade opportunities, good infrastructure and wide pool of skilled manpower guarantees investors a high return on their investments,” he added.

Kenya and China share a strong trade relationship, with Kenya exporting goods valued at approximately $233.8 million to China and importing goods worth around $3.8 billion from China.

These agreements contain key infrastructure projects that China is committed to financing are the construction and expansion of modern railways as well as airport maintenance in Kenya.

“During a meeting with Mr LI Xi, a senior member of China’s Communist Party Political bureau; agreed on creating a conducive environment for Chinese companies that will undertake projects including road construction, railway expansion and airport modernisation,” added President Ruto.

The Chinese government has pledged to support Kenya in its fight against poverty, with a focus on strengthening the country’s economy, including support for both large enterprises and small businesses.

Kenya and China are celebrating the 60th anniversary of their official diplomatic relations this year.

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