The Kenya Directorate of Criminal Investigations published a list of 35 Al-Shabaab suspects responsible for conducting criminal attacks in Lamu, Kenya, on Wednesday.

In a published list with photographs, Kenyan security agencies stated that the identified individuals are linked to terrorist attacks in the coastal region, specifically Lamu County.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations is urging the public to share any information that might lead to the arrest of these 35 suspects.

“The Directorate of Criminal Investigations appeals to the public to volunteer information that could facilitate the arrest of thirty-five (35) armed terrorist suspects connected to the Al-Shabaab terror network, responsible for planning and executing deadly terrorist attacks and violence in Lamu County and the larger Boni Enclave,” as stated in the published release.

The DCI has offered cash rewards to the members of the public who may provide information that leads to the arrest of any of these 35 suspects.

“The suspects are ordered to surrender to any police station in Kenya. A substantial cash reward will be offered to any member of the public who provides credible information leading to the arrest of any of the suspects,” the statement added.

In recent months, Al-Shabaab has conducted several attacks in Kenya, particularly in villages along Boni Forest, such as Juhudi, Salama, and Withu villages in Lamu, resulting in the deaths of dozens of Kenyan security forces and civilians.

The Kenyan government has implemented crucial measures to reduce attacks, including identifying and capturing those who provide information, transportation, and supplies for Al-Shabaab militants, as well as establishing a 42KM cutline between Boni Forest and residential areas.

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