Washington, D.C.(Mogadishu24)-During his visit to the United States this week, Kenyan President William Ruto issued a stark warning regarding the potential consequences of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) withdrawing its troops. He emphasized that an ATMIS pullout would likely result in Al-Shabaab taking control of Somalia.

“Today, Kenya is backstopping security challenges in the Horn of Africa. Before I came here on Saturday, I had an engagement with the President of Somalia, and we have serious security challenges because there is an impending drawdown of ATMIS that is calendar-based, not conditions-based,” President Ruto stated.

He urged the United States to intervene to prevent a security vacuum. “Our position is that the United States should step in and change the trajectory; otherwise, we will exit ATMIS troops and terrorists will take over Somalia. I don’t think it is anybody’s interest for that to happen.”

President Ruto also highlighted ongoing efforts to address regional security issues. “We are dealing with the situation in Sudan, and we are engaging civil society and other political parts. Last week, we addressed issues in South Sudan,” he added.

President Ruto’s comments underscore the critical role of international support in maintaining stability in Somalia and the broader region.

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