Mandera(Mogadishu24)-Residents of Mandera County experienced a three-day power outage starting from Sunday after heavy rains cut off the roads connecting North-eastern counties to the rest of the country, disrupting the supply of goods and services, including fuel.

Power was restored to the county on Tuesday night after the county government supported the power company with the facilitation of fuel.

“We have been supported by the County government, especially the Department of Municipality led by the Deputy Governor, and provided the resources for human and material needs. We are optimistic that the supply will be restored,” said the KPLC Branch manager.

For three days, vital services have been disrupted due to power outages, including health services.

He added, “We appreciate the residents of Mandera for their understanding. Public services have been interrupted, including the supply of medical supplies to hospitals. We will do our best to alleviate the situation.”

Mandera Deputy Governor, Dr. Ali Mohamud, addressed the situation and stated that power would be fully restored.

“We have had several problems for the past two days, including power outages and network issues caused by the floods,” said Dr. Ali, the deputy governor.

“As a county government, we are working hard to solve these power problems during this difficult situation, although the county is not mandated for the Power Company, which comes under the national government,” he added.

The power company branch in Wajir County has also announced that power will be disrupted starting from Friday due to a fuel shortage.

Wajir County Women Rep, Fatuma Jeho, appealed to the national government to intervene in the situation and open roads to the region.

“I urge the Ministry of Transport to improve and open the roads where vehicles have been stuck for the past few weeks. The power company has announced that power will be cut from Wajir County by Friday, which needs urgent intervention from the national government,” Hon. Fatuma Jeho said.

Fuel stations in Wajir and Mandera counties have run out of fuel as vehicles queue to get refuelling services.

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