Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Somali mechanism for safety journalists SMSJ and its members including Federation of Somali Journalists (FESOJ) and the Somali Media Association (SOMA) Somali Journalist syndicate, (SJS) Somali women journalist (SWJ) Somali independent media house association (SIMHA) Media association of Puntland (MAP) Media women network (MWN) are expressing deep concern over the detention of Osman Mohamud Farah, a journalist working with State-owned Radio Mogadishu.

The journalist Osman is in detention for more than 3 weeks without legal proceedings and arraignment if there are charges against him.

SMSJ network enormously worries about the arrest of the Journalist who was detained on early January 2024 and remains in custody up to this date.

The Somali security institutions and federal government have not yet unveiled any legal allegations against his work and the personal grounds of the journalist and an official statement defining the motive behind his detention.

Therefore, SMSJ is appealing the federal government and security institutions of Somalia to release the Journalist immediately in accordance with the law so that Osman will be able to continue his media service as usual.

In addition, The Somali Mechanism for safety of journalists SMSJ and its members are condemning the arbitrary arrest of the Somali Journalist and the ongoing detention of Osman Mohamud Farah held reportedly by the Somali Federal Police at unspecified location, and demand for his releases.

Furthermore, SMSJ is demanding the Somali federal government to bring the detained Journalist Osman Mohamud Farah before court and allow him access to justice in case of any legal accusations against Osman for arraignment.

In conclusion, the network also calls for the release of the Journalist if there are no charges of crimes against his work rapidly, SMSJ network urges the international community and its media veterans and advocates to join their voice to the appalling situation of detention against Somali Journalists while on duty.

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