Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’ Court of Armed Forces has on Sunday brought charges against 11 suspects, most of whom were officials employed in the Benadir regional administration, accusing them of involvement in terrorism activities.

According to the prosecution, these individuals, consisting of eight men and three women, are believed to have been part of an Al-Shabaab spy network responsible for sharing information with Al-Shabaab, particularly on the target areas and explosions in Mogadishu.

The prosecution also claimed that this spy network operated across multiple areas, including Hodan, Howlwadaag, Heliwaa, Dayniile, Yaqshid, and Darussalam on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

The prosecution further stated that this network group was led by Abdirahim Mohamed Osman Jimale (Macruf) who was arrested in his office in Bakara market, where one of the suspects was arrested, with access to a computer containing information related to the network.

Ayanle Mohamed Ali, a police officer stationed in Hodan district who defected to the Al-Shabaab terrorist group was also arrested.

Among other people who are accused of being Al-Shabaab spies are:

• Sharif Nur Ali Awliyo: Accused of being the representative of the Hodan District network, facing charges related to the Zope-2 bombing, planting landmines leading to the death of the Hodan district police commander, and involvement in the killing of a Somali citizen named Mahad Mohamed Ali.

• Jibril Abdullahi Sheikh: Accused of spreading the Al-Shabaab’s ideology and reportedly trained in Sakow district in middle Jubba region, according to court records.

• Abdi Ali Ibaar Wardheere (Tabliqa): Charged with providing information about bombings in the Darussalam area and the Arafaad neighborhood. He is a religious preacher associated with the group.

• Anab Hussein Omar Fiidow: Arrested for her role in managing a base in Hodan District and her support for Al-Shabaab through social media, including advocating for a member of parliament.

• Colonel Awil Jamal Abdul Hirey: The head of the Fifth Division of Midnimo, overseeing the October area in Hodan District.

• Rahmo Abdi Abdishkur Ali Mumin (Sandheer): The head of the Second Division of Feer-Feer.

• Mahmoud Ahmed Siyad Barre (Muruq): The head of the Ka’aan Division in Hodan District.

• Sharmaarke Muse Isma’il Araale: The deputy head of the Ka’aan Division and the sports leader of the district.

• Asili Mohamed Dhi’isow Farah: The head of the Taleeh Division, also known as Al-barako.

• Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim (Hassan Kacaan): The head of the Fourth Division of the Ka’aan Division.

The prosecutor reported that some of the accused individuals confessed to their involvement with Al-Shabaab, particularly in assassinations of government officials and incidents such as the Zoobe Two explosion.

However, the lawyers representing the suspects argued that the evidence supporting the charges against their clients is insufficient.

They said that the court had not provided substantial evidence or presented witnesses to corroborate the alleged crimes.

The Judge of the Court of Armed Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Hassan Ali Shute, adjourned the session and announced that the court would soon reach its verdicts.

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