Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The state Minister of Security of Somalia, Mohamed Ali Hagaa, stated that official membership in the East African Community will facilitate the cross-border movement of traders between member states.

During a press conference in Mogadishu, the Minister said Somalia’s entry into the EAC would be vital for state-building efforts, economic growth, trade partnerships, infrastructural development, regional peace, and security, promoting intergovernmental relations and maritime access.

He mentioned that the entry will enhance the quality of the Somali Passport and streamline visa applications for Somali citizens.

“We have undergone a transformative journey to acquire a recognized quality passport. Somalia’s entry into the East African Community will strengthen the quality of our passport, providing Somali citizens easy access to regional trade through simplified visa application and entrance,” Minister Haaga said.

The Minister mentioned that this membership will promote the development of Somalia’s border centers with its neighbouring countries.

“Another major opportunity is that we will get is developing Somalia’s borderlines with neighbouring countries like Ethiopia and Kenya. This will facilitate cross-border movement between Somali citizens and communities from neighbouring countries,” he added.

Somalia was officially admitted to the East African Community by the EAC Heads of States at the 23rd Ordinary Summit held in Arusha, Tanzania, last Friday.

Its admission into the regional bloc has been welcomed by both international partners and regional leaders, highlighting its positive impacts on regional development and economic growth.

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