Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, thrives at night with bustling streets and open businesses, giving a unique and relaxed atmosphere for residents after a day of work. It’s a situation that hasn’t been experienced before.

Access to products from renowned global companies, improved security, and booming business opportunities have encouraged many members of the diaspora to return home and invest in their country.

“This is a unique situation that can’t be seen in even European countries. The city’s security and business opportunities have led to 24-hour business operations. Contrary to what the media portrays, I’ve witnessed a beautiful city with abundant resources,” said one diaspora man who returned to Mogadishu months ago.

This transformation, driven by the successful importation of international brands and improved security measures in the city, has promoted a thriving 24-hour business cycle.

“I returned to my country because the current situation is very promising. We’ve experienced hardships, but now we’re making progress and have no need to seek refuge in European countries or rely on external governments,” said another one who relocated from Turkey.

“I first arrived in Mogadishu in 2019. I planned to stay temporarily and then return abroad. But I changed my decision when I witnessed the city’s transformation,” another one added.

In Mogadishu, not only there is competition for exceptional customer service between supermarkets, but also for extended operating hours.

Juba Hypermarket operates 24 hours, while Midnimo and Hayat Supermarkets offer 18-hour services. Baraka Hypermarket, an affiliate of Juba, maintains an impressive 24-hour schedule.

Mogadishu’s nightlife transformation has not only boosted supermarkets and major businesses, but also created opportunities for small street vendors.

As midnight approaches in Mogadishu, young entrepreneurs serve customers, with dozens lining up for their services.

Behind these thriving businesses lies more than just profit-seeking ambition; it’s about promoting the living standards of the community and providing global-standard quality and services.

As security conditions continuously improve, daily life takes on a two-fold rhythm: one devoted to work and the other to leisure, family, and shopping.

Mogadishu’s transformation into a lively city with a bustling nightlife shows resilience and an unwavering government’s efforts to improve the security of the city.

Beyond the shiny shops and always-open supermarkets, you’ll find a city that’s moving away from the shadows of its past. It’s open to everyone who wants to feel its potential and hope for a better future.

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