Dhusamereb(Mogadishu24)-The National Consultative Council’s meeting opened on Saturday in Dhusamareb, the administrative capital of Galmudug State.

The meeting which was chaired by the President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, mainly focuses to address on addressing issues regarding the ongoing operations against Al-Shabaab.

The meeting also aims to discuss efforts for stabilizing the newly liberated areas from Al-Shabaab to prevent any potential resurgence of the group.

“President Hassan Sheikh chaired the National Consultative Council meeting in Dhuusamareeb. Convened at a critical juncture in the fight against the terrorists, the Council discusses consolidating recent gains in the ongoing offensive and stabilization efforts in the newly liberated areas,” Villa Somalia stated in a tweet.

Other leaders attending the meeting include Prime Minister of Somalia Hamze Abdi Barre, Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Salah Ahmed Jama, Galmudug President Mr. Ahmed Abdi Kariye (Qorqor), Jubbaland President Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Islam, South West President Mr. Abdizais Hassan Mohamed (Lafta-gareen), Hirshabelle President Mr. Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Ali Guudlawe), and Benadir Governor Mr. Yusuf Hussein Jimale Maddale.

“H.E. Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre participated in the National Consultative Council meeting, which commenced today in Dhuusamareeb city of Galmudug State. This significant gathering, presided over by President H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, took place at a pivotal juncture in the fight against Al-Shabaab, with an emphasis on bolstering the strides achieved in the current offensive and stabilizing the recently liberated areas,” stated a tweet from the Office of the Somali Prime Minister.

Puntland State’s President Said Abdullahi Deni did not attend the opening of the meeting, as he previously boycotted the Council’s meetings due to disputes with the Federal Government’s leaders.

The meeting comes at an important time when the government is committed to intensify its offensive ‘Black Lion Operation’ against the Al-Shabaab Militants, further emphasizing the need for collaboration between the federal government and the regional administrations.

This is the sixth meeting between the heads of the federal government and regional governments since President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud assumed office.

President Mohamud has also hosted several public engagement sessions, exchanging questions and insights with the public on crucial national issues, particularly the ongoing offensive against Al-Shabaab and the anti-corruption campaign.

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