Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Opposition leaders of Somalia on Wednesday rejected the Federal Parliament’s decision to approve the procedure of the constitutional amendments, accusing the Government of taking wrong approach to complete the constitiution.

Former Prime Ministers, Hassan Ali Khaire, Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharma’arke, Former Presidents Mohamed Abdullahi Farrago, Sharif Sh. Ahmed and Abdirahman Abdishakur MP, and others condemned the move, describing it to be dangerous step that could result in political uncertainty, division and conflict.

“What is the objective of tabling divisive constitutional changes when we are facing major internal & external challenges. The hon MPs must understand that such changes could not be carried out unless adopting this unconditional procedure before you. Protect the process & Vote NO” Former Prime Minister, Omar Abdirashid said on X formerly twitter.

Hassan Ali Khaire warned against what he called the ‘danger’ surrounded by the Villa Somalia intending to change the country’s constitution by not applying to the procedure explained in Unit 15 of the constitution.

“It is dangerous step against the stability of the country and unity of the people that can lead Somalia into fresh conflict and political uncertainty”, Hassan said.

Abdiraham Abdishakur shared a video clip of parliament members fighting inside the hall while the Speaker of the Parliament, Aden Modobe announces the result, criticizing the approach.

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