Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-At three Somali Security forces were killed and 27 other people including Federal Parliament members, civilians and journalists were injured after Al-Shabaab militants carried suicide car bomb attack and then seized SYLe hotel near the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu on Thursday evening, Police confirmed Friday.

Fighting between Al-Shabaab gunmen and Somalia’s Security and Police forces were going on all the night and came to end midday of Friday, causing heave casualties of both human and loss of properties according to the Police and survivors.

“Our Security forces ended the siege of the hotel, all terrorist militants were killed and they were five members. 27 people including 9 soldiers were injured and three others were killed during the operation and the suicide car bomb attack”, Spokesperson of the Somali Police Forces, Qasim Ahmed Roble said in press conference.

He added that they are pursuing investigations regarding to how Al-Shabaab militants reached such well guarded zone and carried out the attack that lasted more than 15 hours conservatively.

Spokesperson of the Federal Government of Somalia, Farhan Jimale, SMS TV Director, Hassan Adde and Secretary General of Mogadishu Municipality, Feysal Arale and five other members of the federal Parliament members were among those injured in the terrorist bomb attack overnight.

Al-Shabaab militants claimed the responsibility for the attack of SYL hotel in Mogadishu.

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