Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud addressed both houses of Parliament, marking the opening of its fifth session after a two-month recess. As mandated by the constitution, the President delivered a speech highlighting the achievements and challenges faced by the nation.

Commendation of Parliamentary Achievements

President Mohamud praised the 11th Parliament for its significant accomplishments, particularly the approval of the first four chapters of the constitution—a task that eluded the 9th and 10th Parliaments for over 12 years.

“The 11th Parliament has succeeded in approving the first four chapters of our constitution. This constitutional amendment will pave the way for a democracy based on the rule of law, allowing citizens to exercise their constitutional right to vote,” he stated.

Response to Ethiopian MoU with Somaliland

Addressing recent remarks by Ethiopian Prime Minister regarding the MoU with Somaliland, which includes leasing 20 km of sea access to Ethiopia, President Mohamud reaffirmed Somalia’s commitment to national unity.

“The parliament’s decision is clear in protecting the nation’s unity. Ethiopia’s actions are diplomatic missteps that violate international norms. Somalia is ready for agreements and peaceful coexistence, but the current approach by Ethiopia does not lead to peace. We hold no enmity towards the Ethiopian people and wish for peaceful resolutions to challenges.”

Progress Against Al-Shabaab

President Mohamud also spoke about the ongoing battle against Al-Shabaab, highlighting the achievements of the Somali National Army (SNA) and local forces, Macawislay, over the past four years.

Key Government Achievements

He identified several key achievements of his government, including Somalia’s accession to the East African Community, progress in debt relief, and securing a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

“Our government is committed to conducting one person, one vote elections, ensuring that all citizens have the chance to vote freely. We aim to complete the remaining chapters of the constitution to eliminate unconstitutional uncertainties.”

Looking Forward

While the President did not address ongoing challenges, such as tensions with Puntland State and security issues, his speech focused on the progress made and the path forward for Somalia.

President Mohamud’s address underscored the government’s commitment to constitutional reform, national unity, and democratic progress, setting a hopeful tone for the legislative session ahead.

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