Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sh. Mohamud on Tuesday evening described U.S trained forces as the best and role model in the Somali National Army by carrying out operations inside areas under Al-Shabaab control and returning back safely.

“You’re the elite forces and we are proud of you,’Congratulations to you. We say Danab is the foundation seeds of the Somali National Army. You are role models and other forces would like to join Danab, the lightening Brigade, it is about the reputation that everyone likes to be part of it. I hope you will keep your selves and for us”, the President said this after Iftar event held at Villa Somalia for Somalia’s Special forces who participated mulinational military exercise in Kenya about two weeks earlier.

The President commended their role in the offensive war against Al-Shabaab, in particular, areas under Hirshabelle and Gamudug State, mentioning the long way between Mogadishu to Galkayo was successfully liberated after the joint made sacrifices.

“Danab is known to be wariors carrying out operations inside areas under Al-Shabaab control, destroy them and return to their bases back. We have to complete operations in Galmudug State, forces operating there will be transferred into southern parts to undertake the responsibility of AU forces leaving from the country and pursue operations forward”, he said.

The U.S trained Somali National Army’s Danab for the first time participated military drills in Kenya with other 1,000 multinational troops from 22 other countries and displayed good performance during the exercise according to U.S Africa Command.

But President Hassan remarks came two days after Al-Shabaab militants recaptured five key towns in Mudug and Galgudud regions as the SNA and local forces withdrew from those towns without resistance or clashes with the group fighters.

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