Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sh. Mohamud is moving to Dhusamareb, the administrative capital of Galmudug State to scale up and start the second phase of the offensive war namely ‘Black Lion Operation’ against Al-Shabaab in the region.

In a crucial move to eradicate the threats of the militants group, the President aims to intensify efforts to eliminate the group from its strongholds within the region and that’s why he is moving his residence to Dhusamereb according to Mogadishu24.

For the duration of one month, the President will lead and oversee the operations in Dhusamareb, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to the cause. During this time, he plans to remain in Dhusamareb, strategically positioning himself at the heart of the battle.

With hands-on approach, the President aims to rally the local population and galvanize their support in the fight against Al-Shabaab, showcasing his unwavering commitment to restore peace and security to the region.

Furthermore, Hussein Sheikh Ali, the National Security Adviser to the President, elaborated on the government’s comprehensive plan, which includes assuming control of national security.

Underlining the government’s dedication to strengthening the National Army, Ali highlighted the availability of sufficient troops ready to combat Al-Shabaab in all regions of Somalia.

However, the president’s decision to launch multiple campaigns simultaneously has faced criticism from security experts. These experts contend that addressing individual issues one by one should take precedence over concurrent operations. They argue that focusing on matters such as corruption and national security sequentially is crucial, as each issue directly impacts the effectiveness and overall success of the others.

As Somalia concludes the first phase of its battle against Al-Shabaab, significant strides have been made in eliminating militants and halting their operations. The active participation of local forces has played a crucial role, with communities standing united in defense against the extremist group.

Looking ahead, Somalia aims to completely eradicate Al-Shabaab in the upcoming second phase, with a target completion within the next 18 months. This coincides with the second phase of ATMIS Drawdown, reinforcing Somalia’s self-reliance in countering terrorism.

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