Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sh. Mohamud on Wednesday visited Ministry of Defense and held meeting with top army chiefs over scaling up the offensive operation against Al-Shabaab.

The discussion focused on the security and liberating the country from Al-Shabaab according to Villa Somalia.

President Hassan’s meeting with military officials came a day after he returned from two-day working visit in Asmara, Eritrea where he held talks with his counter part, Asaias Afwerk.

“I have frequently visited Eritrea. For us Eritrea is home. We came here to brief His Excellency President Isaias about the situation in Somalia‚Äôs war against the terror going on in Somalia where Eritrea is supporting us heavily”, he told to Eritrean TV before leaving there.

Hassan stated that Eritrea has always been with Somalia and Eritrea has extensively supported Somalia and the war against al-Shabaab. “We are very much grateful for that”, he added.

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