Kismayo(Mogadishu24)-President of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has arrived in Kismayo city, administrative capital of Jubaland State, where he was warmly welcomed by Jubaland’s President Ahmed Islam Mohamed, Vice Presidents, members of the Jubaland administration, and hundreds from the local community.

“The President’s visit focuses on completing the liberation of areas under terrorist militant group of Al-Shabaab control, advancing the federalization process, and assessing the living conditions of the people in Jubaland”, Villa-Somalia said.

During his stay in Kismayo, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is scheduled to hold meetings with Jubaland’s leadership and various community sectors. He aims to listen to their advice on nation-building, maintaining unity, and safeguarding the country’s independence.

The President is expected to engage in discussions regarding the finalization of the provisional constitution and addressing the National Consultative Council (NCC) meeting with federal member states, highlighting the collaborative efforts towards national cohesion and governance.

Hassan’s visit to Kismayo comes as members of the Federal Parliament continue debating possible amendments and changes made into the provisional constitution which seems to controversial as former leaders, some lawmakers and Puntland State rejected the procedure of the on-going process.

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