The Republic of Kenya has appointed a Higher Commissioner to the breakaway republic of Somaliland, who will represent Kenya and stationed in Hargeisa northwest Somalia.

In a recent Cabinet Reshuffle and ambassadorial appointment on Wednesday, President Ruto appointed Abdiweli Muhamad Hussein as Kenya’s Commissioner to Somaliland.

Amb. Abdiweli will assume the office as the first Diplomat appointed to represent the Republic of Kenya in Somaliland.

President Ruto also made changes in the ministries and reorganized the portfolio of some ministries as well as carried out a Cabinet reshuffle.

“The Head of the State and Government’s Executive actions realigns Ministries, State Departments, and Kenya’s Foreign Service to optimize performance and enhance service delivery as set out in the Administration’s manifesto under the Bottom Up Economic Transformation Agenda,” the presidential statement reads.

Somaliland, the northern region of Somalia colonized by the British, has established a more peaceful government and environment, compared to other parts of Somalia, especially after the 1991 civil war.

For more than three decades, the region has been seeking international recognition as an independent nation because of maintaining its peace and security. However, its pursuit of recognition as an independent nation remains uncertain.

The secession movement does not enjoy unanimous support from all communities and tribes within Somaliland. Many oppose the separation of Somaliland from the rest of Somalia.

The move by the Kenyan President now revives hope for Somaliland’s potential recognition as an independent nation.

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