The Federal Government of Somalia has made a resolute appeal to Somaliland, calling for an immediate cessation of attacks on civilians in Las Anod town, which has tragically claimed the lives of innocent civilians and caused widespread destruction of homes and displacement in the past five months.

During an event that brought together numerous Somali leaders, The Prime Minister Hamze Abdi Bare emphasized the importance of peace and unity in conflict-affected regions. The Prime Minister stressed the need for mediation and dialogue between the public and Somaliland to resolve tensions.

“We seek unity, peace, and brotherhood in the regions affected by conflicts. We must understand that when disunity arises among us, our enemies rejoice. We call for peace, brotherhood, and unity in areas such as Gedo, South, Hiiraan, and Puntland, which are currently facing political tensions,” stated Prime Minister Bare.

The Prime Minister further urged the Somaliland Administration to immediately withdraw government forces from Las Anod and cease the shelling of civilians with artillery bombs and mortar shells.

“We implore an end to the armed conflicts in Las Anod and urge the government to halt the indiscriminate attacks on civilians. Both parties should declare a ceasefire, and we expect the Somaliland government to withdraw its forces from Las Anod, creating an opportunity for negotiations and peace talks. It is deeply regrettable to witness daily casualties caused by mortar shell attacks on innocent civilians. We must heed the calls from Somali leaders and the international community. We are exhausted by these conflicts that bring no benefit. Our issues can only be resolved through negotiations and fraternity,” the Prime Minister urged.

Las Anod has become the battleground for intensifying clashes between Somaliland forces and SSC soldiers since the outbreak of violence on February 6, 2023. The targeted attacks by Somaliland armed forces have resulted in the destruction of homes and forced the displacement of innocent people. The ongoing violence has raised serious concerns about the deteriorating humanitarian situation and the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to prevent further civilian casualties and human rights violations.

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