Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Prime Minister of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, on Saturday issued a strong warning of the potential El Niño rains that could cause flooding, particularly affecting those residing along the rivers of Shabelle and Jubba.

The Prime Minister made this statement during an inspection of the Somali Disaster Management Authority (SoDMA), which is monitoring the latest conditions of the forecasted El Nino storm.

“After analyzing the report we received from the agency, we have identified threats that could be posed by the anticipated rains. We are now raising awareness based on the forecasted reports, utilizing advanced meteorological equipment,” stated the Prime Minister.

He called on citizens to heed to the warning statements from SoDMA, which highlight potential threats associated with the expected heavy rains.

“We urge citizens to take precautionary measures based on SoDMA’s warnings about the hazardous threats posed by heavy rainfall, which has already resulted in loss of life in places like Baidoa,” Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre urged.

The Prime Minister assured that the government is taking proactive steps to prepare for potential disasters.

Prime Minister Hamza expressed particular concern about heavy rains leading to floods that could cause significant damage. He pointed out that the real danger lies in areas where two rivers converge, as heavy floods can result in widespread flooding.

He called upon residents living near these rivers to remain vigilant and monitor any changes in the river conditions.

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