Garowe(Mogadishu24)-Puntland State’s Constitutional Court on Sunday evening nullified the regional Parliament’s decision to extend its term by one year.

In a statement, the court stated that the parliament’s decision violated articles 60 (3) and 108 (1 and 6) of Puntland State’s Constitution.

“The court annulled the decision of the Puntland House of Representatives in its 53rd session, its 12th meeting on 7/12/2023, as it clearly contradicts the Articles of the Constitution and has no legal basis,” the statement read.

According to the judgment, the term of the Puntland Parliament expires on 31/12/2023, as per Article 60 section 3 of the constitution of the Puntland State government.

This came three days after Puntland State’S Parliament voted in favour of extending its term by one year, following proposals by the SSC-Khatumo traditional committee.

The SSC-Khatumo traditional committee, responsible for resolving election disputes in Puntland, proposed that the current parliament elect the president and vice president as they plan for the implementation of a one-person-one-vote election system after twelve months.

This proposal, allowing a year for planning, gained approval from the regional parliament, giving them mandate to make decisions on electoral issues.

On Wednesday night, Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni announced that Puntland would return to the clan-based voting system on January 8, 2024, following mounting pressure from the opposition and elders’ intervention regarding the disputed one-person-one-vote elections system.

The clan-based election system involves the selection of 66 MPs by clan elders to represent them in the House of Representatives, with these Members of Parliament subsequently electing the president.

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