Mogadishu24:- Baidoa Town is grappling with significant economic hardships due to the sanctions imposed by Al-Shabaab militants for more than a week now. These sanctions have restricted the entry of cargo vehicles into the town, leading to a sharp rise in the prices of essential goods like food, water, and fuel.

The State Minister of Security, Mohamed Issack Abdi, refuted claims of trade sanctions imposed by Al-Shabaab on Baidoa. He assured that trade activities in the region are unaffected and continue to operate normally.

“There are no closed roads, vehicles are still carrying goods to an from the town. Such claims are nothing but baseless propaganda,” he said.

Moreover, the minister issued a stern warning to local residents who comply with Al-Shabaab’s orders, emphasizing that they would face legal consequences.

Villa Somalia commented on Al-Shabaab’s blocade on Baidoa city

Al-Shabaab had earlier imposed such sanctions on Hudur town, but the local community of Hudur town displayed remarkable resilience in their efforts to combat the injustices imposed by Al-Shabaab, ultimately leading to their defeat and subsequent removal from the area.

Despite Al-Shabaab’s earlier ban on trade within Hudur town, the community stood firm in their resolve, determined to overcome the oppressive rule and restore peace and prosperity.

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