Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Senators of the Somalia’s Upper House of Parliament on Wednesday asked the Kenyan Government to provide response related to the missing of Abdirashid Janan who was former Jubaland State Minister for Security.

Senators, Hassan Dahir Yarow and Ismail Fartag both expressed concern over the missing of Abdirashid Janan for eight days from the day he was kidnapped from his residence in Nairobi Kenya according to them.

” Kenya’s Minister of Defense is both Kenya and Somalia as well as the chief of the Security, we demand quick response related to this matter. We are missing Abdirashid Janan for eight from time he was abducted up-to-date, We are not speaking to Kikuyu or Kalenjin, but Kenyan government”, Sen. Dahir said.

Dahir threatened that Abdirashid’s case will have an impact on the region’s security situation if the Kenyan and Somali Governments don’t intervene and find solution to the missing minister.

“We are very sorry about Somalia’s cabinet for not commenting on the missing of Abdirashid Janan under Kenyan, Kenyan Government has good relations with Somalia. How did this happen ?”, he said.

“We received contradicting stories over whereabouts of Abdirashid Janan, it is not clear and unacceptable, even if he is alleged for crime, they must trail, we will see it”, Fartag said while denying comments provided by a community elder in Gedo region. The elder told Mogadishu based radio station that the former Security Minister died.

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