The Somali National Army’s Danab Unit, with the support of Jubaland State forces, has on Wednesday afternoon killed 17 Al-Shabaab militants in an offensive operation conducted in Welmorow, a location approximately 40 kilometers away from the Afmadow district in the lower Juba region.

SNA’s Danab Unit officials released photos found from militants’ mobile phones and area of operation, saying the joint forces are advancing the group’s strong-hold zones with progress so far.

Al-Shabaab militants did not comment on the latest military operation in the region by SNA and Jubaland State forces yesterday, but it released photos of suicide car bomb attack in the areas, showing several SNA’s armed vehicles burnt down a day before.

But Somali National Army claimed to have killed more than 40 Al-Shabaab fighters in the same location three days earlier.

The U.S. Africa Command also confirmed the operation, stating that it conducted airstrikes in self-defense against Al-Shabaab in that operation.

In Surprise and contrary to the report of Somalia, The U.S Africa Command said that 10 militants were killed in the operation with no casualties on civilians.

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