Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Somali Bureau of Standards opened a consultation forum in Kismayo on Saturday to introduce and discuss on the national quality policy for imported goods in the country, aiming to evaluate the quality of products within Somalia.

The forum brought together the Secretary-General of the National Bureau of Standards, the Minister of Trade and Industry from Jubaland State, state ministers from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, regional MPs, representatives from the Chambers of Commerce, and various segments of the public.

The Secretary-General of the Somali Bureau of Standards, Abdirisak Hussein Aden, explained that this conference was a consultation and public engagement aimed at improving policies.

“This program we introduced is the national quality policy, and it will reach every region within Somalia. Our main aim is to present this program to different sectors within the community, departments, and government officials.”

“We will give different sectors of the public the opportunity to share their opinions and input on this policy. We will listen to their constructive contributions, whether it’s an addition or removal of a certain policy,” said the Secretary-General of the Somali Bureau of Standards.

Jubaland State’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Ibrahim Hassan Abdi, emphasized the importance of the national quality policy in improving services for public consumption.

“The Government has decided to re-establish the national quality policy for our people to get quality food items, not only food but also other products like drinks, medical supplies to improve health services. The policy will also work on monitoring the qualities of other things like education, roads, and infrastructure. They are mandated to verify the quality of every imported or exported product,” said Minister Ibrahim.

The national quality policy has gained the support of government officials and members of the general public, citing its potential contribution to the quality of imported goods in the country.

Somalia has achieved progress over the years, including institutional reforms, particularly in the areas of security, education, disaster management, and quality control, providing improved service delivery to its citizens.

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