Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-Thousands of Somali citizens gathered in Benadir Gardens on Friday to express their solidarity and offer congregational prayers for the people of Palestine.

The event brought together scholars, politicians, community workers, elders, and youth to address the pressing issues facing the civilians in Gaza who have been enduring bombings by the Israel Defense Forces, which have killed more than 3,000 people.

Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed, a member of the Somali Federal Parliament, stated that European nations have supported the killing of innocent civilians in Palestine, which is against international laws.

“The continuous attacks by Israel on Palestinian civilians have exposed the double standards of European nations and undermined their human rights narratives, including freedom, child rights, women’s rights, and elders’ rights. It appears that their concern for humanity was limited to Europeans, as they have rallied behind Israel in its actions against the civilians in Gaza,” said MP Mohamed Sheikh Ahmed.

Sheikh Abdul-Hayi, a prominent Somali scholar, underscored the importance of prayers for the Palestinians, stating that prayers are more powerful than weapons.

“There are varying opinions on which side is oppressed and which side is the oppressor, but we firmly believe that the Palestinians are innocent, and that Israel is committing war crimes against them. Our prayers for the Palestinian people carry more power than the weapons Israel is employing against them,” Sheikh Abdul’Hayi said.

Idil Ali Mohamed raised important questions directed at Muslim nations, especially the Arab countries, regarding their response to the Israel attacks on civilians in Gaza.

“Where are our Muslim nations, especially the Arab nations, while our Palestinian brothers are being slaughtered in Gaza? You have remained hidden like dirt, while dogs and wolves pounced upon you,” Idil emotionally questioned.

“Were you caring for your children, as the fathers and mothers of Palestine are lying on the streets? Are you not ashamed before God, that you can’t cover the souls of these martyred people?” she added.

The conflict between Israel and Palestinian resistance groups has been going on for two weeks, with Israeli authorities threatening to continue the bombing until they eliminate the Hamas group.

Israeli airstrikes have resulted in the deaths of more than 3,000 Palestinians, including over 1400 children, while more than10,000 have been injured.

The United Nations has confirmed that Israel has destroyed over 1,300 buildings in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli warplanes are conducting large-scale bombings in several areas of the Gaza Strip, leaving local areas leveled.

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