In his speech during the commemoration of Somalia’ Independence Day, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud expressed deep concerns about the militant group Al-Shabaab, labeling them as modern-day colonizers seeking to establish control over the country. Drawing parallels to historical colonizers who occupied Somalia 63 years ago, the President emphasized the urgent need to confront and free the nation from the grip of Al-Shabaab.

“Today, we are commemorating our hard-fought independence, achieved by our fathers who resisted external colonizers of different color, race, and religion. However, we now face a different form of colonization represented by Al-Shabaab. They have shed the blood of our people, and it is our collective responsibility to liberate ourselves from their threats,” stated President Mohamud.

Highlighting the grave dangers posed by Al-Shabaab, the President elaborated on their tactics, which include hindering religious practices and deliberately demolishing mosques.

“They aim to deprive us of our resources and deny us our freedom. They have targeted religious leaders, demolished mosques, and inflicted violence upon our intellectuals, endangering our future generations. recent example is the demolition of the Daru-Nicma mosque, as depicted in the distressing photos we have witnessed,” he added.

Recognizing the valiant efforts of the local community in the fight against Al-Shabaab, President Mohamud commended their courage and emphasized the importance of standing up against the Al-Shabaab.

“We must seek freedom from these extremists and confront them head-on. Our brave young men have fearlessly driven them out of their hiding places, and their heroic actions will be forever etched in Somalia’s history. We hold the utmost respect and honor for those who have sacrificed their livelihoods, symbolized by leaving their camels, to join this fight,” he declared.

However, amidst these concerns, a recent incident occurred as Al-Shabaab militants recaptured Daru-Nimca, following a fierce confrontation between the Somali National Army and the fighters of the extremist group. During the attack, Al-Shabaab resorted to destructive measures by employing bombs and explosions to demolish a mosque in the area.

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