The President of the Federal Government of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has unleashed a fervent campaign against corruption, vowing to protect public funds and ensure transparency in governance.

During his speech on Eidhul-Adha, the President assured the Somali people that a thorough investigation would be conducted into individuals involved in the embezzlement and misappropriation of public resources.

“The Government of Somalia will not tolerate the diversion of funds intended for the welfare of the vulnerable. We will not allow hardworking citizens’ earnings to be exploited for personal gain. I solemnly swear before God that such acts will never be permitted,” the President said.

He shed light on individuals who seek positions of power solely to serve their own financial interests, labelling them as thieves.

The President made a resolute commitment to eradicating such unethical practices, calling upon traditional elders and authorities to support and safeguard the rights of those impacted by these fraudulent actions.

“I urge you not to stand beside thieves or align yourselves with those who have looted our nation. Let us refrain from defending these wrongdoers from the comfort of our homes, questioning why they should be held accountable,” he passionately implored.

The Somali government has been grappling with pervasive corruption, which has drawn significant criticism from various quarters, including allegations against top government officials.

The disbandment of the National Anti-Corruption Committee and the prolonged delays in appointing new committee members have sparked significant concerns regarding the fight against corruption in Somalia. This situation has created an atmosphere of uncertainty, casting doubt on the country’s ability to effectively address and combat corruption.

The delay in establishing a fully functional committee poses potential obstacles and impacts the progress that has been made in the battle against corruption.

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