Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-The President of the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia, Mr. Mustafe Muhumed Omer, has on Sunday overseen the completion of the first batch of military training aimed at strengthening the peace and stability of the community. The training, held at the Koolo village in Doollo-addo district, marks a significant milestone in the region’s efforts to bolster its security forces.

During the training period, the new recruits underwent rigorous exercises, including close-quarters combat and strategic warfare tactics. The training also featured presentations from leaders and officials, highlighting various aspects of military operations and leadership.

President Mustafe Muhummed Omer emphasized the importance of expanding the regional army to effectively safeguard the vast borders and internal areas of the Somali Regional State. He urged the newly trained soldiers to adhere strictly to government rules and regulations and to fulfill their duties without causing harm to the community they swore to protect.

Mr. Dayib Ahmed Nur, head of security for the Somali State in Ethiopia, reiterated the crucial role of the army in maintaining community security. He stressed that it is their paramount responsibility to uphold the law and ensure the safety of the people.

General Abdirahman Ahmed Nur, Director of the Somali Regional State Police Institute, lauded the efforts of the Police Training Faculty for their dedication in producing well-trained and disciplined soldiers. He highlighted the commitment to both quality and quantity in building a robust security force.

The graduation ceremony celebrated the hard work and dedication of the trainees, who completed their course yesterday and are now ready to serve. This development is a testament to the ongoing efforts to enhance security and stability in the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia.

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