Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-The Deputy Minister of Agriculture for the Somali Regional State in Ethiopia, Axmednur Abdi, announced a comprehensive plan to enhance agricultural productivity in the region. This initiative aims to ensure food security and reduce reliance on foreign aid.

“Implementing the plan of cross-productivity will disable the dependency on foreign aid,” stated Axmednur Abdi.

The Deputy Minister highlighted the office’s commitment to increasing agricultural output, emphasizing the importance of utilizing the region’s natural resources. The plan includes cultivating 186,000 hectares of land during both the rainy seasons in areas like Fafan and Sitti provinces.

“We are taking the biggest responsibility to implement this plan with the cooperation of district offices,” said Axmednur Abdi.

He urged the local community to capitalize on the available natural resources and engage actively in the consultation process to minimize external aid dependence.

Haji Abdi Hassan, chairman of the farmer coalition of Fardhaxanle, mentioned that farmers have received government loans and are preparing to cultivate 9 hectares of land.

“We are planning to plant 9 hectares of farming land to achieve food security and independence,” noted Haji Abdi Hassan.

Similar sentiments were echoed by farmers in the Harooray district, who welcomed the initiative and expressed their readiness to participate in achieving complete food security.

This agricultural productivity plan is part of a broader development strategy under the leadership of President Mustafe Omer. Over the past five years, the region has seen significant infrastructure projects, including roads, health facilities, water and electricity supplies, and agricultural developments, all aimed at improving the quality of life for the community and ensuring sustainable development.

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