Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-President of the Somali regional State in Ethiopia, Mustafe Omer commended on-going development projects and economic growth of the region, enabling the population to enjoy peace, despited challenges.

” Our Administration listens to the complaints from the public and respond it as soon as possible, we’re now trying to find solution for our traders to get access of bigger markets to promote trade movements”, Omar said Sunday.

He said that they are planning to implement projects aiming to transform the livelihoods of the people by building key infrastructures including roads, telecommunication, health facilities, water supply.

Two weeks ago, Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed Ali inaugurated new modern Airport, named Ugaas Miraad which was built in Godey city in the Somali Region, together with President, Mustafe Omer Mohamed and other Federal and Regional Authorities.

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