Jigjiga(Mogadishu24)-The President of the Somali State of Ethiopia, Mustafa Muhammad Omer, on Tuesday led a high-level delegation to Qolaji district to officially launch key projects aimed at improving the lives of displaced communities living in the area.

These projects consist of water and health initiatives funded by the government of Japan and educational development projects funded by the government of the Netherlands, with the Dutch ambassador to Ethiopia in attendance.

The Qolaji water project comprises two wells, two water reservoirs, and 18 drinking water points, intended to ensure a sustainable water supply for the community.

The health project involves the establishment of 50 health centers to further provide medical and healthcare services to the people.

The secondary school includes 12 classrooms, a laboratory, a library, an ICT department, and essential services to facilitate conducive learning conditions. The middle school has also undergone expansion to meet the needs of the large number of students.

The Somali Regional Government, in collaboration with various partners, has achieved significant progress in various sectors over the years, including education, water and sanitation, health, and security.

The regional administration has successfully resettled families which were previously displaced by devastating floods due to torrential rains that have hit the region.

Together with international organizations and donors, the regional government has supplied food and non-food items to thousands of flood-affected victims in the region.

According to the regional disaster management office, at least 40 people have lost their lives, and over 20,000 have been displaced from their homes due to the heavy rains.

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