Cairo(Mogadishu24)-Somalia’s Minister of Youth and Sports, Mohamed Barre Mohamud, currently on a business trip to Cairo, met with his Egyptian counterpart, Asharf Subhi.

The two ministers discussed how Somalia and Egypt could cooperate in strengthening relations in the fields of sports and youth by accelerating various sports activities, exchanging experiences, providing training, sharing technology related to sports equipment, and undertaking stadium construction and renovation.

The Somali Sports Minister expressed gratitude to Egypt for its support to the Somali government in recent years. 

He noted his impression of Egypt’s progress in sports infrastructure, which has enabled the country to host major events.

The Egyptian Sports Minister highlighted the long-standing relationship between the two countries and assured that Egypt is prepared to assist Somalia in making progress in the youth and sports sector.

Somalia and Egypt have previously signed various agreements in the areas of education, heritage, and media, solidifying their long-standing relations and ties.

The meeting was attended by the Somali ambassador to Cairo, the representative of Somalia to the Arab League, Ilyas Sheikh Omar, and other officials from both countries.

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