Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mr. Hamza Abdi Barre, appointed members of the Somali Modernization and Transformation Council on Wednesday. This move aims to establish and promote changes leading to sustainable development.

The Prime Minister outlined the council’s objectives, emphasizing its role in driving innovation in Somalia’s modernization and transformation efforts, particularly in the areas of rebuilding economic and security infrastructure.

This Council comprises 16 government ministers and senior officials from key government departments, with a focus on security, defense, and education.

“The Council will be responsible for strengthening and assessing the government’s performance based on measurable standards, enabling the implementation of crucial government programs. It will also oversee and monitor the progress of Somalia’s transformation program”, Statement from office of the Prime Minister said.

The Council is tasked with developing a comprehensive strategy and action plan, which will include specific goals, clear targets, and defined timeframes.

The Council will also create key performance indicators (KPIs) and methods for monitoring and evaluating performance and results.

The Council will further collaborate with relevant ministries, institutions, stakeholders, and private businesses to align with the government’s overall vision and facilitate the implementation of the transformation program.

It will initiate capacity-building programs and training opportunities for government officials involved in the transformation process. Furthermore, it will establish a process to ensure the active participation of businesspeople, investors, and stakeholders in the decision-making processes related to the transformation program.

The Council will regularly review and evaluate the implementation of change initiatives, analyze challenges, and propose solutions.

It will prepare quarterly reports on the progress, achievements, and challenges encountered during the implementation transformation program’s and the overall work of government ministries.

The appointment of this Council came two weeks after a two-day Governance Strategic Direction Program was held in Mogadishu, to discuss transformation of governance system, and promote transparency, accountability, and public service delivery.

This conference was attended by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the Prime Minister all members of the Council of Ministers, international experts, and leaders with extensive knowledge in government development and modernization.

The Federal government has recently taken measures to digitalize some government services, including launching a national identification and registration process to strengthen digital information in the country.

Somalia has faced security threats from the terrorist organization Al-Shabaab and a civil war that has affected the effectiveness of its institutions. However, with the support of international partners, it has now liberated half of the territories previously controlled by Al-Shabaab.

Despite these challenges, the federal government has redoubled its efforts to combat terrorism and revitalize its institutions, such as the Defense and Security, Immigration and Registrations departments, anti-corruption agencies, and the auditing and financial management systems.

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