Somali Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abshir Omar Jama Huruse, met with Italian Prime Minister Mr. Antonio Tajani on Wednesday to discuss enhancing bilateral cooperation and crucial services for Somalia.

“Grateful for the opportunity to meet with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy Mr. Antonio Tajani. This aimed to facilitate the strengthening of bilateral cooperation and enhancing vital services for Somalia,” said Mr. Abshir Huruse, Somali Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This meeting took place while President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud attended the UN Food Systems Stocktaking Summit in Rome, Italy, where he called for collective action and innovative financial strategies to achieve sustainable food security and combat hunger.

“It’s imperative that nations unite and take collective swift action to reverse the depleting global food and hunger crisis,” the President said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Somalia is in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, representing Somalia at the Africa Human Capital Summit. The summit focuses on “linking investments in human capital to economic growth and harnessing the demographic dividend,” with important discussions addressing issues such as learning poverty and bridging the skills gap for youth and women.

Additionally, Somalia’s Minister of Planning, Investment, and Economic Development of Somalia, Minister Mohamud Abdirahman Beenebene was in Djibouti for a week-long visit, during which he visited towns inhabited by Somalis displaced by humanitarian crises like droughts. The Minister, along with Djibouti leaders, visited the Ali Sabieh region to oversee various infrastructural projects and commit to intergovernmental efforts towards infrastructure developments.

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