Doha(Mogadishu24)-Hassan Sheikh Ali, Somalia’s Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, currently in Qatar, offered insights into the recurring tensions with Ethiopia and the nation’s stance on internal threats.

Speaking at the Center for Conflict Studies and Humanitarian Action, Ali drew parallels between the current and past crises with Ethiopia, emphasizing, “Our history with Ethiopia is marked by their unsuccessful attempts to annex our land, but our focus remains on rebuilding and defense, not aggression.”

Further elaborating on Somalia’s defensive strategy, Ali clarified the purpose behind the military collaboration with Turkey. “The agreement with Turkey is solely for enhancing our army’s ability to protect our borders,” he stated, ensuring that the move was not antagonistic towards Ethiopia.

Addressing the internal conflict with Al-Shabaab, Ali expressed the Somali government’s willingness to engage in dialogue under specific conditions. “If Al-Shabaab renounces its ideology and disconnects from Al-Qaeda, we are open to dialogue, aiming for a peaceful resolution,” he conveyed, signaling a potential shift towards reconciliation and peace-building efforts within Somalia.

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