Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Federal Government of Somalia received 25,000 tons of grain as humanitarian aid from the Russian government on Thursday.

The aid was handed over to the National Disaster Management Agency, which will distribute it to the people affected by the devastating floods in the country.

The Director of the Somali Disaster Management Agency (SoDMA), Mr. Abdirashid Mohamud Hassan, emphasized the importance of this aid during a difficult time when millions were affected by the floods.

“We are here to receive tons of grains as Russian humanitarian aid to the Somali government. This aid will be crucial for us given that the floods have affected over 2 million people,” said Abdirashid Mohamud, SoDMA Director.

Somalia’s Minister of Interior, Ahmed Moalim Fiqi, stated that this assistance has arrived at a critical time when Somalia needed it the most.

“We are very honored to receive this huge humanitarian aid from the Russian government. We thank the Russian government for supporting Somalia with 25,000 tons of grains,” Minister Fiqi said.

He added, “This important aid comes at a difficult time when Somali people are facing the impacts of heavy rains and riverine flooding, which have destroyed roads, broken bridges, affected more than 2.5 million people, including about 1.1 million displacements and killed 100 Somali citizens.”

Russian Ambassador to Somalia, Amb. Mikhail Golovanov, stated that this is the first batch of Russian aid to Somalia.

He mentioned that the second batch of 25,000 tons of grain is expected to come to Somalia by late December.

“I am very honored to be present in Mogadishu for the handover of the Russian humanitarian aid to the federal government of Somalia. This is the first batch that has been delivered here in Somalia, 25,000 tons of Russian grain,” said Ambassador Mikhail Golovanov.

The ambassador expressed concerns about the effects of climate change in Somalia, with recent flood impacts.

He further commended Somalia’s achievements in promoting peace within Somalia and progress made against the terrorist group, while being supported by ATMIS and its international partners.

He reiterated Russia’s commitment to supporting Somalia in its fight against terrorism, state-building, institutional reforms, and facilitating dialogue between the federal government and state administrations.

“Therefore, Russia will stand with Somalia in helping to deliver national priorities, including state-building, counterterrorism, and reinforcing a dialogue between the federal government and federal member states.

In July, the Government of Russia exempted $640 million in debt relief to the Federal Government of Somalia. The agreement was signed in Saint Petersburg between Mr. Bihi Iman Igeh, Somali Minister of Finance, and Timur Igorevich Maksimov, Deputy Minister of Finance of Russia, during the second Russia-Africa Summit.

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