Mogadishu(Mogadishu24)-The Federal Government of Somalia is sending newly recruited batch of the Somali National Army at key military bases in Mogadishu including Turk-Som, General Da’ud and General Dhega-badan to Turkey training.

Speaking to the new recruits at Turkish Military Academy, Turk-Som yesterday, President Hassan Sheikh Mohmaud appreciated Turkey’s role in supporting Somalia by training fresh soldiers fighting with Al-Shabaab.

The President explained the soldiers more about the progress made by SNA during the offensive operations against Al-Shabaab which started from the capital to Harardhere in the southern part of Mudug region, covering about 600 kilometers.

“The Somali National Army is on war with Al-Shabaab, I am going to tell you the reality which is tangible, we are stronger, we are outnumber, we are more qualified than Al-Shabaab. They were fighting with us near Villa-Somalia a few years earlier, they were fighting with us in Mogadishu city intersections, and you know where they are fighting with us today, it is remote areas like Ceel-Dheere, and Harardhere”, President told the new recruits, saying the army was pursuing and chasing the terrorists since that time.

He said if Al-Shabaab were powerful, they would not flee, but stay here, saying that pushing them back for hundreds of kilometers of distances back was evidence of Somali army’s capability.

“Your duty is to finish Al-Shabaab which will be concluded within a short period, it is an honor for you to participate their elimination, it is an opportunity for you, be prepared strongly, I urge you not to have bad habits and if you are found, you will leave, and you should have a good disciplinary and respect the rules”, he added, wishing them success.

However, the Turkish Government trained over 6,000 soldiers for the Somali Government, among them are special forces of Haram’ad Unit in the Police and SNA’s Gorgor Unit. Turkey has the biggest Embassy and military academy in the capital Mogadishu.

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