New York(Mogadishu24)-The Prime Minister of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, reiterated the Government’s efforts towards Sustainable Development Goals during his speech at the 78th session of the UN General Assembly.

He emphasized that Somalia is taking crucial steps to achieve these goals by focusing on improving peace and security, as well as implementing economic and political changes.

A statement from the Office of the Prime Minister on X account highlighted Somalia’s to tangible actions at both national and global levels

“Prime Minister H.E. Hamza Abdi Barre has stated that Somalia is committed to taking tangible actions at both the national and global levels in pursuit of the SDG attainment,” the statement read.

Despite facing challenges such as threats from Al-Shabaab, poverty, and climate change, Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre reaffirmed Somalia’s dedication to bringing stability and development to the country.

He also underscored the government’s role in increasing literacy levels and improving the quality of education.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the Federal Government of Somalia has aligned the National Development Plan (NDP9) with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. He noted that since 2017, the poverty rate has decreased to 15%, maternity deaths have been reduced by 43%, and the literacy rate among women aged 15-24 has increased by 12.4%.

“The Prime Minister noted that Somalia is committed to increasing investments in education to reduce illiteracy rates, expand access to quality education, and promote technical and vocational training,” the statement read.

PM Barre further reiterated the government’s commitment to prioritizing sustainable agriculture practices, improving water resource management, boosting food security, and enhancing resilience and adaptation to climate change.

The Prime Minister underlined that his government is accelerating efforts to eliminate violence against Somali women, promising to ensure that women have opportunities to participate in the country’s leadership.

Somalia’s regional and international presence has recently increased as the country maintains strong bilateral relations, mutual interests, and ties with its foreign and neighboring countries.

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