Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-Somaliland Authorities on Tuesday accused the Federal Government of Somalia of being behind the torturing of five prisoners who arrested in connection of the killing of Somalia’ Civil Aviation Authority at Criminal Investigation Directorate in Mogadishu.

” We strongly condemn the acts of Mogadishu Government for torturing and punishing inside CID which was 2 KM away to Villa-Somalia, we believe that those prisoners hailing from Somaliland, were not behind the killing of Abdinasir Dahable in Mogadishu on February this year”, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Somaliland, Abdullahi Hussein Mohamed said in a press conference today.

He added that if the Federal Government of Somalia did not release them in the coming 24 hours, they would take action immediately, but it is not known what action in which they will take against the Federal Government of Somalia.

Somaliland Authorities also described members of the Federal Parliament whose constituencies were northwest Somalia, of weak ones as they could not dare to comment the misconduct as they said the speech.

This comment comes a day after Senator, Osman Dubbe spoke about the conditions of five prisoners at Mogadishu’s CID, saying that he received report of torture from Mps who visited them at the directorate.

The Somali Government did not comment on the allegations from the Somaliland and members of the Somali Parliament that the five prisoners were being tortured in Mogadishu.

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