Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-Somaliland President, Muse Bihi Abdi has issued a call for peace among the residents of LasAnod, while making it clear that the establishment of an alternative government within Somaliland will not be tolerated. He also delivered warning agaisnt the people of the Sool region, cautioning them against participating in Somalia’s Independence Day celebrations.

Speaking at an event on Somalia’s Independence Day on June 26, President Bihi of Somaliland delivered a compelling message to the inhabitants of Las Anod, urging them to prioritize peace and emphasize the deep longing for the restoration of stability felt by those who have been forced to flee the region. President Bihi shed light on the unfortunate reality that the local population has become entangled in a senseless conflict, further complicated by the involvement of external forces.

President Bihi vehemently refuted the dissemination of false information, specifically addressing allegations that Somaliland was responsible for the killing of civilians in Las Anod. He clarified that such claims hold no merit and firmly stated that Somaliland never initiated any attacks against civilians during the conflict.

“Somaliland has never initiated any attacks in the past. We have consistently been engaged in an ongoing war, only responding to fire when provoked. Our actions have always been in self-defense, aimed at safeguarding our nation and our people,”Muse Bihi said.

He further pointed out that the attacks in Las Anod have been orchestrated by the forces of Puntland and the Al-Shabaab militants, who have unleashed artillery assaults against Somaliland forces, resulting in casualties.

President Bihi emphasized that the military reserves the right to respond with strength when faced with attacks, underscoring that assailants will not escape unscathed.

“Yesterday, assailants launched an artillery attack, tragically claiming the lives of two individuals. In the face of such assaults, our armed forces possess the legitimate authority to respond firmly. No one will be able to harm our nation without facing the consequences,”he said.

While advocating for dialogue and peace, President Bihi reiterated the military’s duty to safeguard the nation’s borders. Additionally, he firmly rejected the notion of establishing clan-based borders within Somaliland.

The President’s statement comes amid escalating security concerns and regional tensions, highlighting the necessity for a proactive and vigilant defense strategy. President Bihi’s resolute stance sends a clear message to adversaries that Somaliland will not hesitate to employ all necessary measures to protect its sovereignty and ensure the safety of its people.

Contrary to Somaliland’s claims, local cultural leaders and politicians in Lasanod have repeatedly denied the presence of Al-Shabaab in the region. Instead, they are actively working towards establishing an administration namely Khatumo State aligned with the government of Somalia, which operates from Lasanod.

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