Taipei(Mogadishu24)-A delegation from the Breakaway Republic of Somaliland joined 51 other delegations and 508 foreign dignitaries to attend the inauguration celebration of Taiwan’s 16th-term President Lai Ching-te and Vice President Hsiao Bi-khim tomorrow on Monday .

The Somaliland delegation was led by Said Jama Ali, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Elders, and included Ambassador Rhoda Jama Elmi, Mohamed Hassan Saed, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs, Investment & Planning Committee of the House of Representatives, and Omer Jama Farah.

The participation of Somaliland’s delegation in this significant event underscores the burgeoning relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan, both of which are seeking greater international recognition and diplomatic ties amidst complex geopolitical landscapes.

In a related development, the Chinese Embassy in Somalia organized a round-table discussion in Mogadishu, attended by members of the Federal Parliament of Somalia and senior officials. During this meeting, participants reaffirmed their commitment to the One China Policy, highlighting the diplomatic tensions surrounding Taiwan’s international engagements.

The presence of Somaliland’s delegation in Taiwan marks a notable event in the region’s political dynamics, reflecting Somaliland’s efforts to assert its autonomy and forge strategic partnerships. This diplomatic move is poised to influence the ongoing discourse on international recognition and political alliances in the Horn of Africa and beyond.

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