Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-Somaliland’s administration has issued a stern warning to farmers and pastoralists against a threatening locust invasion that has crossed over from Yemen and already reached the coastal regions of Somaliland.

The Minister of Agriculture of Somaliland, Abdirizak Imaan Warsame, emphasized the significant impact the locusts are poised to have on the agricultural sector and livestock. He underscored the urgency of implementing essential protective measures.

“Large swarms of locusts have already crossed over from Yemen and are now in parts of our coastal regions. We aim to raise awareness among farmers and pastoralists living in coastal towns and their outskirts. If you encounter locusts with yellow wings, be aware that these are adult locusts that can cause severe harm to our crops,” said Abdirizak said.

He added, “Locust sightings have been reported in the regions of Salel and Awdal. They have travelled through El-gaal, Kalooley, Karooley, Gar’gaara-bari, and are now settled in the Abdi Gedi area. Locusts have also been spotted in the outskirts of Berbera in the Sahel region. We encourage the public to report any locust sightings to the Agriculture Department.”

The government is actively monitoring locust activities and is implementing strategies to mitigate the threats posed by these swarms.

“We are currently monitoring the locusts, and, as of now, there is no immediate damage. However, we are proactively raising awareness to prevent further risks to our farms and pastoral lands,” the minister said.

“As a government and as a ministry, we have made preparations to minimize the impact of the locusts with the use of necessary pesticides. Our staff and vehicles are on standby and ready to respond promptly,” he added.

The worst locust invasion hit the Horn of Africa region in 2019, resulting in the destruction of thousands of farms and pastoral lands.

The 2019 invasion had severe impacts on the agricultural livelihoods in Somaliland, where the majority of people depend on farming and pastoralism.

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