Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-Somaliland’s Minister of Internal Affairs, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, on Tuesday revealed that the Somaliland Navy has successfully intercepted a huge cache of weapons believed to be intended for pirate groups.

In a statement to the media, Minister Kahin expressed the government’s belief that the seized weapons were destined for use along the coast of Somaliland by pirate groups.

He emphasized the crucial role of the navy forces in safeguarding Somaliland’s coasts and announced the capture of two boats intended for illicit activities.

“Our army is working diligently to protect our coasts, and numerous weapons have been seized. Two boats, believed to be intended for use on Somaliland’s coast by pirates or terrorists, have also been apprehended,” stated the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Minister Kahin addressed the escalating tension in the Red Sea, particularly the recent surge in pirate attacks. He highlighted Somaliland’s commitment to actively participate in protecting its coasts and combating piracy-related security threats.

“We will engage with the international community on this matter. The time when the Somali government claimed jurisdiction over the borders and coasts of Somaliland has passed,” affirmed Mohamed Ahmed Kahin.

The minister stated that the Somaliland government will not permit any unauthorized activities along its coast. He highlighted that Somaliland, with a coastline of 850 km protected by its navy, has taken measures to prevent acts of piracy and smuggling from its shores.

The statement comes amidst raising resurgence of Somali pirates along the coastal regions of Somalia, near the shores in Bari region.

Suspected pirates have on Monday hijacked unidentified ship in the Somali coast, according Puntland State Officials.

Puntland State Minister for Ports and Crimes against Maritime, Ahmed Yasin Salah told reporters that about 16 to 17 armed gunmen suspected to be pirates carried out the attack on ship which was about 12 miles into the Somali sea, saying this is the second such activity to happen in the region in three weeks’ period.

Earlier this month, the Breakaway Republic of Somaliland has expressed deep concerns about the resurgence of pirates along the Red Sea.

The administration said that the surge of piracy would have economic impacts, citing potential inflation in the cost of living and an increase in insurance rates for ships in the state.

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