Hargeisa(Mogadishu24)-As Somaliland prepares for its upcoming presidential and political party elections, scheduled to take place in 170 days, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a message to the Somaliland diaspora, urging them to maintain civility and avoid divisive rhetoric.

The MOFA noted an increase in inflammatory language on social media from the diaspora community and stressed the importance of exercising free speech wisely. “While we respect everyone’s right to free speech, we at MOFA respectfully urge our valued diaspora community to exercise this right intelligently and with wisdom,” the statement read.

The ministry highlighted the potential threat of disinformation campaigns by non-Somalilanders and paid trolls aiming to sow discord. It called on the diaspora to stay vigilant and ensure that electoral debates remain civil and substantive.

“Remember, the world is watching us, friends and foes alike, so let us show them a mature, civil, and progressive Somaliland,” the statement concluded.

This comes as the Breakaway Republic of Somaliland is expected to hold joint elections on November 13 this year, but faces challenges

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