Hargeysa(Mogadishu24)-The President of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, said that he will not allow any administration’s integration into the SSC region, stating that Somaliland regards this area as an integral part of its territory.

During his address on Friday, the President warned that his government would take punitive actions against any administration attempting to claim to the region. 

President Bihi particularly sent a stern warning to the Puntland administration, accusing it of attempting to seize Somaliland’s territory by creating tribal narratives and conflicts.

“I’m warning Puntland administration, which seeks to expand its territory and take our land by creating tribal conflicts. We shall see if they can claim our land by force or not,” stated President Bihi.

He expressed satisfaction with the interests of the SSC region’s residents and called upon the Somaliland Army to refrain from further military action. 

Bihi further urged the Kenyan government, which has strong ties with Somaliland, to take action against Kenyan Parliament members whom he accused of fuelling conflicts within Somaliland.

President Bihi’s statement comes after a recent visit by the SSC Khatumo leader, Abdiqadir Ahmed Firdhiye, accompanied by a high-level delegation, who held discussions with leaders of the federal government of Somalia, including president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the prime minister.

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